The social media world is something that many businesses feel they should be a part of but don't quite know what they should be doing to get the most out of it.

From the smallest of businesses right through to huge multi-nationals, social media is an fantastic resource that, if utilised properly, can become an invaluable tool for communicating with existing customers and reaching out to new eyes and ears.

Reach out to thousands of new customers

Targeted and cost-effective advertising

Interact with customers directly

Increase brand loyalty

Showcase your products and services

Position yourself as an industry expert

How Will Social Media Benefit Your Business?

Simple Communication

  • Interact with your customers, and potential customers, directly and humanise your brand
  • Consistent, up-to-date messages that are relevant to the season or current trends
  • Reach out to thousands of potential new customers

Engage and Build Trust

  • Respond to queries without delay
  • Showcase the services or products your business offers
  • Position yourself as an industry expert by sharing useful or interesting info and tips

Powerful Advertising Tools

  • Deliver excellent value for money when compared with traditional marketing channels
  • Target real, qualified audiences
  • Clear and simple to understand reporting

Social Media


We have worked with a broad range of businesses to help them establish and implement a clear and effective social media strategy that helps them reach their goals.

From consultation to management, we will tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

Our service does not come in the form of packages that offer a certain number of posts/tweets/etc per week for a set fee, all of our social media work is structured with specific goals  and specifications in mind.

How We Work


Establish Goals & Strategy

The first step of any social media campaign is to establish what you want to achieve. Your goals may include; driving more traffic to your website, increasing sales, improving customer service, building relationships with customers and increasing brand awareness.


Presenting Your Business

How you present your business on social media will affect how it is perceived as people make snap judgements based upon first impressions. It is vital to take a considered approach at this stage to get this right, something as simple as having the wrong profile picture can prevent people from even visiting your page.


Creating engaging CONTENT

What you choose to communicate through your social media channels is very important. Simply shouting about your products and services several times a day just won't cut it. Talking about your what you offer is important, but we make it part of a wider, more engaging content strategy.


building an Audience

Taking a structured approach to growing your following, we can help you to increase the number of people who see your messages on daily basis. Crucially, we ensure that these numbers are swelled by the right people who have an interest in what your have to say and the offerings you have to make.