What is Pay Per Click

When it comes to driving traffic through search to your website you have two basic options - Pay Per Click or Search Engine Optimisation.

Achieving a profitable return on PPC can be challenging and time consuming; requiring management of search terms, identifying user intent, the cost each click and creating compelling ad copy.

Competition is high as many of your competitors will be engaging in PPC activity to drive potential customers to their website. 

Professional PPC management can give you the advantage in this competitive arena and help you drive more targeted traffic for less - with an effective ROI. 

What PPC Can do for your business


Delivers targeted traffic immediately

Precise keyword targeting

Accurately measure return on investment

Allows you to test conversion immediately

Protects against algorithm updates

Reach new markets




tailored to you

Your business requires activity that reflects your potential customers needs, this might come in the form of capturing search intent for a local business or service, or advertising to drive direct e-commerce sales. 

We have helped many business generate a high return on investment and in many cases reduce their PPC spend through a detailed and thorough campaign set-up and shrewd ongoing management.


paid search

management service That Includes;

  • keyword research
  • campaign build
  • ongoing account management
  • regular consultancy in order to maximise return on investment.

GOOGLE Shopping

From strategy to execution, we can assist in developing your product feed, structuring your campaign and optimising your activity with this highly effective advertising format. 


Greater research equals greater results, we carry this philosophy into everything we do.  

During the campaign build we work hard to ensure efficiency and success through a tight and relevant account structure.

Engaging ad copy supplemented with the right ad extensions will ensure your ad stands out from the crowd. 

Careful analysis and management of activity, including keyword management and bid strategy makes sure we deliver the best possible results.


Reconnect with previous website visitors and display targeted ads to win them back.

In many cases potential customers need to see an advertisement between 3 and 7 times before they are ready to purchase.

Remarketing offers many benfits including: increased brand exposure, higher conversion rates, increase in ROI and enhanced audience targeting.