From Inception to Global Phenomenon



Escape approached Krafted shortly after coming up with the idea of launching a live escape game in Edinburgh, forming a close partnership from the start. Danny, the entrepreneur behind Escape, had played a similar game whilst on holiday in Europe and felt their was a gap in the UK market for this type of activity.

Escape had the skills and business acumen to find the right locations and create immersive games, whilst they were looking for Krafted to help them form a comprehensive digital marketing strategy as they knew capturing the online market was going to vital to their success.


Key Requirements

  • A bold, modern, mobile friendly website.
  • Simple, easy to manage booking system
  • Easy to update website
  • Cost effective website suitable for a start up
  • Clear digital marketing strategy

Our Approach

Live escape games were totally new to our team so after a bit of research we sat down with Danny to understand his goals for the new venture. We then set out to create a bold but playful, modern, mobile friendly website that was easily to update and integrate with a cost effective, easy to manage booking system.

With competition coming thick and fast in locations throughout the UK we knew we had to focus on optimising for search but also to reach new markets - a key focus for us was to target the lucrative team building market which we have achieved with great success.

We worked closely with Escape to form a clear online reviews strategy in order to build trust in their brand for those that have never played an escape game before. We utilised Trip Advisor to capture the attention of tourists visiting Edinburgh and looking for things to do.


Global Phenomenon

The results have surpassed everyone's expectations including ours. Within 18 months not only had Escape moved to larger premises they had opened in 4 new locations in the UK and 4 franchises in different parts of the world.

One of the fantastic things about working with Escape is their willingness to constantly evolve and embrace new ideas. A business that was shortlisted for Emerging Business of the Year in 2015 in only their second year we are proud to be working with them as they continue to grow worldwide.



moved to larger premises


New UK Locations

Glasgow, Newcastle, Blackpool, London & many more


worldwide Franchises

New Zealand, Dubai, Australia & Riyadh


“We have worked with Krafted since Escape was just an idea and quickly seen a return on investment that allowed us to expand and open new sites. Krafted continue to support us and many of our franchises, delivering year-on-year growth that has seen us flourish in the uk and beyond.”


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