E-mail marketing is the continuation of a conversation, whether this has originated from a purchase or a newsletter sign-up. It is an opportunity to communicate with someone who has already engaged with your brand, and wants to hear from you.

There are over 3 billion e-mail accounts today, with 95% of online consumers using one and over 90% of those being checked on a daily basis, it would be foolish to ignore as a marketing avenue.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Personalise Communication

Track Performance

Drive Sales

Target Promotions

Inform & Educate

How We Work


The initial stages of planning an e-mail marketing campaign are extremely important as we establish what you want to achieve. Once we know this we can start the process of profiling the people you are targeting and think about how to tailor the e-mail to connect with them.


What your e-mail actually says is, of course, extremely important. Communicating your message effectively in a clear, succinct and engaging manner is the holy grail. What you say can be complimented by relevant images or graphics that support your message.


Often overlooked to the immense detriment of campaigns, a well designed e-mail can make the difference between someone reading what you have to say or not. We work with you to establish a stylish look that reflects your business.


Before we think about sending any e-mail we have to consider its appearance and performance across all devices, including mobiles and tablets. 



The e-mails you send don't have to be sent to every single address you have all at once. It is often more effective to break up data into distinct mailing lists according to a variety of variables to cater to specific markets or interests.


We ensure your e-mail marketing campaigns are tracked and measured so we can establish the effectiveness of each and every e-mail sent. This information allows us to adjust according to what we can see works best, meaning that e-mails improve as time goes on.



Core Principles



E-mail marketing provides you with a number of metrics by which you can measure the effectiveness of each campaign undertaken. Ongoing testing and measuring of various strategies allows us to identify what works best for your business.

Results Driven

By developing an intimate understanding of your business we can act most effectively in your interests to achieve optimal results. We aim to be more than just an agency to which you outsource, we want to become your digital marketing partners.

connecting with customers

Just getting your message out to customers isn't enough, we believe in tailoring your e-mail communications in order to grab customers attention and engage them. Your e-mails should have a clear structure, intent and call-to-action.

Insight & Development

E-mail marketing is a process of continuous improvement, every campaign has its own learnings we can take in order to improve future endeavours. The metrics by which e-mail campaigns are measured will prove invaluable in this process.