5 Key Benefits of SEO For Your Business

In recent years Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become a basic part of many company's marketing strategy, allowing them to get ahead of their competition, winning business online. There is an extensive list of benefits that SEO offers businesses, we've highlighted just a few for you.

Increase Website Traffic

Improving your website's search engine rankings for specifically chosen and targeted terms will result in increased impressions and click-throughs, resulting in more potential customers visiting your website. SEO also involves ensuring your website has relevant, informative and engaging page titles and meta descriptions that show up in search results to improve your click-through rate and drawing more qualified traffic to your webpages.

Target Niche Customers

If you are part of a large, competitive industry then taking up a niche position can pay dividends, rather than just trying to compete on the big search terms. For instance, you may be an electrician, a large, well-known industry that serves a variety of purposes. However, if you specialise in electric heating, for example, you can target individuals looking for this product/service and make it a big focus in terms of optimising your website for the search engines. There are examples of this across a variety of industries, have a think about what niche you occupy, or could occupy.

Improve Website UX

Part of the SEO process is making your website easier to navigate for users and search engines. Your website's architecture and link-structure will be designed to make important web-pages easier to locate and navigate to. Ease of navigation is an important ranking factor for the likes of Google as they want to direct people to well-designed websites that are relevant to their query and easy to use. Additionally, having your website filled with content that is informative and helpful with regards to the products and services you offer is hugely important, merely stuffing as many search terms as possible onto pages is no longer enough, and is often detrimental to site performance.


An extremely cost-effective strategy, SEO targets people who are actively searching for your products or services through search engines such as Google. As SEO is an inbound strategy it saves businesses money and time as they do not have to deal with uninterested individuals as they will with an outbound strategy like cold-calling. As SEO is targeting those that are already interested in your products and services it results in more qualified leads that require less convincing, resulting in cost-savings for you.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Results that can be tracked and quantified are part and parcel of well-designed SEO services. Irrespective of whether you have an ecommerce website or not you can track traffic and conversions to determine the ROI you receiving. Detailed tools such as Google Analytics provide the ability to delve deep into the data to find out specifics about demographics and engagement for those that have interacted with your website. For ecommerce you can see the path users are taking to complete a sale, including which keyword they have searched for en-route to purchase.

SEO Support For Your Business

If you have any questions regarding SEO, or would just like to find out more, contact us today. We're happy to answer any questions, provide tips and advice, and even undertake a free website and online marketing review of your business.

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