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Artificial Turf Scotland had worked with two web developers previously, and although they seen modest success it was nowhere near to matching their ambition.

Krafted delivered a stylish, modern, search engine-friendly website at a price that was far below what they had budgeted for.

The remaining budget was invested in digital marketing to ensure their website delivered the results they were looking for.


Key Requirements

  • A modern Responsive Design
  • CMS Website allowing easy updates
  • Improved user experience providing clear access to key information
  • Clear calls to action to increase lead generation
  • Improved rankings in search engines
  • Clear marketing plan to drive the business forward.

Our Approach

From our first meeting with Steph (the owner of Artificial Turf Scotland) it was clear that he was incredibly ambitious and had exciting plans for his business.

By taking the time to really understand their business we could see that their was sales messages that were not being communicated effectively on the website at that time so our first step was to ensure this was rectified in the redesign.

A mobile friendly website was a must for both parties as well as showcasing the quality of their products and the installations. We quickly got to work delivering a modern, mobile friendly website that provides an improved user experience, clear navigation, effectively communicates their unique selling points and makes it easy for potential customers to get in touch.

The next step was to drive traffic to the new website, we focused on both short term and long term goals using PPC to deliver instant traffic and search engine optimisation that delivered exceptional results even quicker than we could have imagined - gaining new leads both in the local area and winning business throughout Scotland.

Progress & Results

Artificial Turf Scotland have seen a huge return on their investment in digital marketing as it has played a massive role, alongside their hard work, in growing their business further than they ever imagined possible.

From the early days of operating as a one-man band Artificial Turf Scotland have grown to a team of 20 installation, supply and office staff members that are required to keep up with demand, such is their success.

Digital marketing strategies, including SEO, conversion-rate optimisation, PPC and social media, have driven millions of pounds worth of leads through their website annually, allowing the business to continuously grow and explore new markets.

The foundations and forecasts are in place for future growth, so when the business is ready they can accelerate their digital marketing efforts to match their ambition.


Words From
the Client

"What impressed me most was that from day one Krafted got down to the facts and figures, giving me a better understanding of what every visitor to the website costs, what a lead costs and how much profit we make from every one.

Krafted has played a big role in turning what was a small home based 1 man business which generated around 10-15 leads per week into an enterprise that now requires a team of up to 20 people and gets as much as 10-15 leads per day.

With Krafted's guidance and expertise we have seen revenue growing every single year. So much so that we have moved premises twice the past 18 months to keep up with the growing business.

Krafted has delivered good quality leads consistently from day one. I really do believe we have one of the industry experts handling all of our internet based activities and would recommend them to anyone needing more leads to build their business".

-Steph MacCallum, Artificial Turf Scotland

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